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Life is so strange and unpredictable, you never know what will happen. So live your life and you will know what life has to offer. If one person really wants us, everyone does. But if we are alone, we are even more alone. Life is weird It is often said that life is strange. Come to Life Is Strange Quotes to understand more about the world out there!

Life Is Strange Quotes

Life Is Strange Quotes

1. “Strange man without shore, near woman, riverine.” —St. John Perse

2. “Strange, this life lent and immediately withdrawn. God, if he existed, was definitely lacking in generosity. ”—Jean Lemieux

3. “I wish I could stay in this moment forever. I guess i actually can now, but then it wouldn’t be a moment.”—Max Caulfield

4. “Strange word than freedom, a word stranger than that of the dignity of man.”—Racisme Murderer

5. “When a door closes, a windows opens…Or something like that.”—Max Caulfield

6. “Strange quirk of the human mind, one can convince a man of his mistakes, and not convert him.”—Rivarol

7. “Strange thing that the man who suffers wants to make suffer what he loves!”—Alfred de Musset

8. “It’s not until you are lost, that you can begin to find who you really are again”—Unknown

9. “Strange thing to be a mother! They hurt us badly, we have no hatred for our children. ”—Sophocle

10. “Time is so strange and life is twice as strange.”—Ray Bradbury

11. “Strange to what extent the death of another inevitably brings you back to your own life. Everything is so ephemeral. ”—By Christiane Villon

12. “To meditate in philosophy is to return from the familiar to the strange and, in the strange, to confront the real.”—Paul Valery

13. “If you could read my mind, you’d be in tears.”—Unknown

14. “The universe is not only stranger than we suppose, but stranger than we can suppose.”—JBS Haldane

15. “The barbarian is not a stranger who speaks another language, his own, but the stranger who speaks my language and skin it.”—Roger-Pol Law

16. ”Life is strange, but F1 is simply crazy.”—Unknown

17. “The stranger may be a friend you do not know yet.”—Anonymous

18. “When the stranger leaves, there is always something to say about him.”—Proverb ashanti

19. “Nothing happens by accident; you are exactly where God want you to be.”—Unknown

20. “Is not it strange to see us defend our mistakes more fiercely than our values?”—Khalil Gibran

21. “Loneliness makes us feel, not strangers to others.”—Mika Waltari

Collected Quotes Life Is Strange

Collected Quotes Life Is Strange

“I think when you’re a kid, you’re only afraid of the things that can hurt you. But when you get older, you become more afraid of hurting the people you care about.”
—”Farewell.” Life Is Strange: Before The Storm

“[…] maybe there’s a reason we pretend? Maybe the lies we tell each other are less horrible than the truths we keep hidden.”
— Life Is Strange (Before The Storm): Episode 3 “Hell Is Empty”

“Similar to my class schedule, [they] and I have history but no chemistry or drama.”
— Life Is Strange (Before The Storm): Episode 3 “Hell Is Empty”

Crazy that something so destructive can also be so beautiful.
— Life Is Strange (Before The Storm): Episode 2 “Brave New World”

Do you think there’s a point that you don’t even have your own personality anymore? You’re just whatever you think other people want you to be?
— Life Is Strange (Before The Storm): Episode 2 “Brave New World”

I’ve learned that if I’m passionate about something, it’s probably the right thing to care about.
— Life Is Strange (Before The Storm): Episode 2 “Brave New World”

People are so eager to pass on responsibility to anyone else so that they can live comfortable, unworried.
— Life Is Strange (Before The Storm): Episode 2 “Brave New World”

Are you angry all the time because you like the way it feels or is it merely a desperate defense against experiencing true intimacy with others?
— Life Is Strange (Before The Storm): Episode 2 “Brave New World”

It’s okay to not be okay.
— Life Is Strange (Before The Storm): Episode 2 “Brave New World”

Famous Life Is Strange Quotes

Famous Life Is Strange Quotes

1. “That was his gift to us… wonderful memories.”
— Joyce talking to Max about William Price.

2. “You know my stock teacher answer—there are not dumb questions. Ask away.”
— Ms. Grant answering whether or not she can answer Max’s “dumb question” in episode 2.

3. “Now, why don’t you go fuck your selfie?”

4. —Victoria giving Max (and the audience) her Establishing Character Moment in episode 1.

5. “What if Kate brought this on herself? She means well, but maybe she doth protest too much…”
— Mr. Jefferson talking to Max about Kate Marsh in episode 2, knowing fully well that he had brought this on her.

6. “She’s modest. Like a real hero.”
— Mr. Jefferson talking about Max in episode 2, if you save Kate from jumping off of the girl’s dorm building.

7. “You reached out, she reached out… Hugs, tears, applause… Like a superhero!”
— Warren talking about Max talking down Kate from suicide in episode 2.

8. “Insert groan here.”
— Max’s (and the fanbase) reactions after another one of Chloe’s puns, Episode 3.

9. “Don’t look so sad. I’m never leaving you…”— Chloe talking to Max at the Blackwell swimming pool in episode 3.

10. “I was eating those beans – are you fucking insane? I WAS EATING THOSE BEANS! ”
— Frank Bowers after Max spills his plate of beans on the floor in Episode 3.

11. “What kind of world does this? Who does this?”
— Chloe, just after she and Max find Rachel’s body, Episode 4.

12. “Always take the shot.”
— Mark Jefferson’s number one rule of photography and an allusion to the Dark Room.

13. “Simply put, I’m obsessed with the idea of capturing that moment when innocence evolves into corruption. That shift from black, to white, to gray… and beyond. Most models are cynical; they lose that naivete. However, some Blackwell students carry their hope and optimism with them like… an aura. And those lucky few become.

Life Is Strange Quotes from Warren Graham

Life Is Strange Quotes from Warren Graham

1. “You can draw? I thought you were Blinded By Science, not art.” – “Art IS Science. Music is math, et cetera, et cetera. I’d put Stephen Hawking against Picasso any day.” – “Hardcore. So you must use a computer to draw.” – “Of course. I’d love to tweak one of your selfies with some cool graphics…”
— Max and Warren in “Chrysalis” (determinant)

2. “I may be a pest, but… I’m a good listener.”
— Warren to Max in “Chrysalis” (determinant)

3. “I’ll be in the TARDIS getting my Delorean ready.”
— Warren in a text message in “Out of Time”

4. “I bet you were glad to see her blast up in that truck like a rock star.”
— Warren talking about Chloe to Max in “Out of Time”

5. “Weird fucking week. Like that bizarro snowfall yesterday. Speaking of dystopia, that drive-in is having a 70’s “Planet of the Apes” marathon. Let’s “Go Ape”!” – “No, I don’t think I can concentrate on going out to the movies. I just feel like escaping.” – “Fine. Be a damned dirty human. I’ll “Go Ape” myself.”
— Warren and Max in “Out of Time” (determinant)

6. “Don’t be so modest, Doctor Caulfield…”
— Warren after being helped by Max with his science experiment in “Out of Time”

7. “You like to hurt people, huh? Like Max? Like Kate? Like me? Huh? Feel this, motherfucker!”
— Warren in “Dark Room” (determinant)

8. “I really flipped out on Nathan. I just hate bullies…”
— Warren to Max and Chloe in “Dark Room”

9. “Welcome to the end of the world, ladies. I’m glad you decided to escort me…”
— Warren to Max and Chloe in “Dark Room”

10. “Hey, hey… I know this is a bad time, but can I get one picture? I’ve been feeling like this might be actually the end of the world, so… I want to have something for prosperity.”
— Warren in “Dark Room”

11. “I hate to say I’m glad to see you, but I’m so glad to see you.”
— Warren in “Polarized”

12. “Warren, I came for all of you. Just tell me you do have the photograph.” – “I just want…” – “Now shut up and listen.” – “Oh yeah, you’re finally going to tell me what you never did in the parking lot…”
— Warren in “Polarized”

13. “I’m not a real scientist, even though I play one at school, but this seems like pure cause and effect, maybe Chaos Theory…”
— Warren in “Polarized”

14. “Max… I’m so sorry you had to go through all that… You’re the bravest person I’ve ever known.”
— Warren in “Polarized”

15. “For every action, there’s… there’s a reaction… Whenever you reversed or altered time, maybe you caused a chain reaction… even in the environment.”
— Warren in “Polarized”

16. “I know I can be a pain in the ass… and… and you’ve always treated me like a person, not… not a beta nerd. I told you before that I’ll always believe you…”
— Warren in “Polarized” (determinant)

17. “Max, of course I believe you. You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met… and I’m glad you trust me.”
— Warren in “Polarized” (determinant)

18. “I don’t have a fucking clue what’s going on. But I have total faith that you’ll do the right thing when the time comes. I’m so proud of you, Max. How could there be a more important moment in history? And I’m in the middle of it with you? So thank you for trusting me.”
— Warren in “Polarized”

19. “Hey… Be careful out there.”
— Warren in “Polarized”

20. “Just in case we don’t get out of this… I wanted to say…” – “I know, Warren…” – “Of course you do.” – “I’m going to make the right choices from now on… I swear.” – “That’s why you’re Super Max.”
— Warren and Max in “Polarized” (determinant)

21. “I was happy just being your friend… Why do you want all your friends to die?”
— Warren in Max’s Nightmare in “Polarized” (determinant)

Life Is Strange Quotes from Nathan Prescott

Life Is Strange Quotes from Nathan Prescott

1. “It’s cool, Nathan… Don’t stress… You’re okay, bro. Just count to three… Don’t be scared… You own this school… If I wanted, I could blow it up… You’re the boss…”
— Nathan in “Chrysalis”

2. “You don’t know who the fuck I am or who you’re messing around with!” – “Where’d you get that? What are you doing? Come on, put that thing down!” – “Don’t EVER tell me what to do. I’m so SICK of people trying to control me!”
— Nathan and Chloe in “Chrysalis”

3. “Nobody… nobody lectures me. Everybody tries though… They try…”
— Nathan in “Chrysalis”

4. “Do not analyze me! I pay people for that. Worry about yourself, Max Caulfield.”
— Nathan in “Chrysalis”

5. “Nobody tells me what to do. Not my parents, not the Principal, or that whore in the bathroom!”
— Nathan in “Chrysalis”

6. “Here comes the mysterious Max. Disguised as a pixie hipster.”
— Nathan in “Out of Time” (determinant)

7. “Meow. Bring out the claws. I love seeing chicks fight.”
— Nathan in “Out of Time”

8. “Hey, that’s total slander! I could sue you and this school so fast!… I already have a personal lawyer.”
— Nathan after Max blames him in “Out of Time”
9. “You don’t know shit about my father, or me. Nobody here does!” – “Then tell me what I should know.” – “Why? So you can pretend to care, hm? Spoiler alert, he’s an asshole.”
— Nathan and Max in “Chaos Theory”

10. “Bullshit. My dad doesn’t hire, he owns. And these pigs know better than to narc on me.”
— Nathan in “Chaos Theory”

11. “Pussies cant fukin fite”
— Nathan’s SMS to Max in “Dark Room”

12. “Plus, my dad is on his way! You’re all fucked! He owns you!”
— Nathan in “Dark Room” (determinant)

13. “Everybody hates me… everybody…”
— Nathan in “Dark Room” (determinant)

14. “Max… it’s Nathan. I just wanted to say… I’m sorry. I didn’t want to hurt Kate, or Rachel, or… I didn’t want to hurt anybody. Everybody… used me! Mr. Jefferson is coming for me now. All this shit will be over soon. Watch out, Max… He wants to hurt you next. Sorry.”
— Nathan’s voicemail in “Polarized”

15. “Just because I’m mentally ill doesn’t mean I deserve to die, Max!”
— Nathan in Max’s nightmare in “Polarized”

16. “Nobody ever helped me, Max. Especially you…”
— Nathan in Max’s Nightmare in “Polarized”

17. “Max, I’m… truly… I truly am sorry for being such a bastard. You would have been cool to hang out with. I just don’t want everybody else to suffer like me.”
— Nathan in Max’s Nightmare in “Polarized”

Life Is Strange Quotes from Victoria Chase

Life Is Strange Quotes from Victoria Chase

1. “Now you’re totally stuck in the Retro Zone. Sad face.”
— directed at Max during Mr. Jefferson’s art class in “Chrysalis”

2. “Oh look, it’s Max Caulfield, the selfie ho of Blackwell. What a lame gimmick. Even Mark—Mr. Jefferson—falls for your waif hipster bullshit.”
— directed at Max as Victoria blocks her access to the dormitory in “Chrysalis”

3. “‘The Daguerreian Process, Sir!’ You could barely even say that. I guess you got your meds filled.”
— directed at Max in “Chrysalis”

4. “Don’t worry, Max, I’ll put a vintage filter on it right before I post it all over social medias. Now, why don’t you go fuck your selfie?”
— directed at Max in “Chrysalis”

5. “That video of you clubbing didn’t look like homework…”
— directed at Kate in “Out of Time”

6. “I hate Max Caulfield. Can’t you see how phony she is with her “Oh, I’m so shy and fragile” crap? She’s a total drama queen.”
— said to Mr. Jefferson in “Chaos Theory”

7. “I’ll give you a one-word sneak preview of Max’s photo: selfie. Listen… you’ve seen my entry, you know it’s better than that. Wouldn’t that be SO cool to hang out together in San Francisco, Mark?”
— said to Mr. Jefferson in “Chaos Theory”

8. “You already love my work, so it’s not like you’re playing favorites. Just imagine if you picked my photo, though… we would have to spend a LOT of time together… That could be… fun, don’t you think?”
— said to Mr. Jefferson in “Chaos Theory”

9. “You might as well choose me… otherwise I might have to tell people you offered to choose my photo for favors or something…”
— Victoria blackmailing Mr. Jefferson’s in “Chaos Theory”

10. “I’m not perfect, okay? I’m a teenager at an art school. I’m only here to become a photographer and get famous.”
— said to Max at the End of the World Party in “Dark Room”

11. “That makes both of us, Max. I always feel like I have to overcompensate. For what, I have no clue. I’m only here to become a photographer, not president.”
— said to Max at the End of the World Party in “Dark Room”

12. “You have talent, Victoria. You don’t have to push people out of your way.” – “You don’t understand. My parents own a gallery. I know how this art game has to be played… it’s brutal.”
— with Max at the End of the World Party in “Dark Room”

13. “On point, Max… Thanks for admitting again that I have some talent. Not that I think I always do.” – “I don’t either, but that’s the choice you make.” – “Hard to believe, but I don’t always make the best choices. Do you think it’s, like, fate we’re not supposed to be friends?”
— with Max at the End of the World Party in “Dark Room”

14. “By the way, nobody says we have to be friends, Max.” – “Maybe, but who says we have to be enemies?” – “Whoever makes that decision.” – “That would be us, Victoria.” – “Well, Max Caulfield, I could always choose to let you in the Vortex Club…”
— with Max at the End of the World Party in “Dark Room”

15. “Why the hell not? We’re both into art and photography, both kind of weird and pretentious. If we hung out without attitude, we’d get along fine.” – “I almost asked you to hang out. You said my photos were “Avedon-esque.” Then I remembered who I was…” – “You should have asked me. It would have been cool to compare photo notes.””
— with Max at the End of the World Party in “Dark Room”

16. “Maybe we’re too much alike…” – “You might be right.” – “Well, Max Caulfield, there’s still time for you to get in the Vortex Club…” – “I actually hope so, Victoria.”
— with Max at the End of the World Party in “Dark Room”

17. “Max, I don’t hate you… I actually think you’re one of the coolest people at Blackwell… Weird, but cool. You just don’t know it yet. Maybe I’m jealous because you don’t give a shit what anybody thinks. And I do.”
— said to Max at the End of the World Party in “Dark Room”

18. “I don’t believe anything you say. You’re full of shit. “Oh, hi, I’m Max Caulfield and I’m so sensitive that butterflies make me cry.””
— mocking Max at the End of the World Party in “Dark Room”

19. “Eat a dick, Max. You’re just jealous of me because I actually do the things you can’t. I put my photographs out there, while you hide behind your lame retro-selfies.”
— mocking Max at the End of the World Party in “Dark Room”

20. “(crying) Max… I just can’t believe this is real. I don’t want to die like this! I’m only 18!”
— said to Max in “Polarized”

21. “I wish we had been friends, Max. But please… don’t let me die like this… I’m still a teenager…”
— said to Max in Max’s Nightmare in “Polarized”

Life Is Strange Quotes from Kate Marsh

Life Is Strange Quotes from Kate Marsh

1. “It sucks to be dragged into the spotlight.” – “Unless you’re Victoria.”
— Kate and Max in “Chrysalis” (determinant)

2. “Nobody believes me anyway… So you can’t help me?” – “I’m trying. But you have to understand my position…” – “Why? You don’t understand mine. Nobody does…nobody…”
— Kate and Mark in “Out of Time”

3. “Oh, I see… I’m not important to you anymore. Nobody cares about me… Nobody…”
— Kate to Mark in “Out of Time” (determinant)

4. “Max, I’m in a nightmare and I can’t wake up… unless I put myself to sleep. Then everybody at Blackwell can post pics of my body; I’m already on the internet forever. No wonder they call it a “web”; nothing can ever get out. Like my video… I wish I could go back in time and erase everything…”
— Kate to Max in “Out of Time”

5. “Even angels need angels, Max.”
— Kate to Max in “Dark Room”

6. “Max, I know Victoria can be a… a… not nice. But, I do believe in forgiveness and redemption. I might be naive, but I feel her struggle.”
— Kate to Max in “Dark Room”

7. “Hey, Kate, back again.” – “Which makes me happy.”
— Kate and Max in “Dark Room”

8. “Max, why did you stop me from jumping? What kind of friend are you? You never understood me… or what happened to me… Now my family will never leave me alone… And that means I’ll always be alone… thanks to you.”
— Kate to Max in Max’s Nightmare in “Polarized” (determinant)

9. “Max, how could you let me jump off a roof? You were the only person I trusted here… But you never really listened to me… Now I’m never going to Heaven… Instead you’ve stuck me in Hell… Alone forever…”
— Kate to Max in Max’s Nightmare in “Polarized” (determinant)

Life Is Strange Quotes from Mark Jefferson

Life Is Strange Quotes from Mark Jefferson

1. “I could frame any one of you in a dark corner, and capture you in a moment of desperation.”
— Jefferson in “Chrysalis”

2. “Shh, I believe Max has taken what you kids call a “selfie”… A dumb word for a wonderful photographic tradition. And Max… has a gift.”
— Jefferson in “Chrysalis”

3. “Always take the shot. My number one rule of photography.”
— Jefferson in “Out of Time”

4. “Chloe, why isn’t someone as cool as you going to Blackwell?”
— Jefferson in “Dark Room”

5. “The slightly unconscious model is often the most open and honest. No vanity or posing, just… pure expression.”
— Jefferson in “Polarized”

6. “I knew you were special the second I saw your first… “selfie”. Yes, I still hate that word. But I love the purity of your own image.”
— Jefferson in “Polarized”

7. “Chloe, right. Yeah, I’m sorry I killed—that Nathan killed her in self-defense. But she had a troubled history like most Arcadia Bay dropouts. Nobody will be surprised… or care. Though I promise… people will care when you die tonight, Max. I wasn’t lying when I said you have a gift.”
— Jefferson in “Polarized”

8. “Stupid bitch! You just don’t listen, do you? In fact, you never did hear much in my class; if you had, you might have seen all this coming.”
— Jefferson in “Polarized”

9. “Remember my number one rule. Always… take… the shot.”
— Jefferson in “Polarized”

10. “Yes, you’re a psychopath. And this is your last session.” – “Au contraire, Max. I’m so sane, that nobody knows what’s happening to you right now.”
— Max and Jefferson in “Polarized”

11. “Kate believed, and she survived. You failed to break her. She’s stronger than ever. And she’ll outlive you.” – “She’ll certainly outlive you. (chuckles) Who knows? Maybe I’ll pay Kate a visit soon and test her faith again…”
— Max and Jefferson in “Polarized” (determinant)

12. “Then why did you blame David Madsen for stalking Kate? Of course, he was the only person who was about to find out the truth. Irony.”
— Jefferson in “Polarized” (determinant)

13. “Chloe and Rachel… you killed both of them!” – “They’re fucking together in heaven right now. Is that what you wanna hear?”
— Max and Jefferson in “Polarized” (determinant)

14. “I’m going to make you live forever in my photographs. That’s all that will be left of Maxine Caulfield. They won’t even find your bag…”
— Jefferson in “Polarized” (determinant)

15. “There’s nothing more innocent than a teenager’s diary. Oh… look at your selfies. What a waste of talent.”
— Jefferson in “Polarized”

16. “Especially since you’ve developed from nerd to hero within a week. There’s something… weird going on with you.”
— Jefferson in “Polarized”

17. “It’s about time somebody finally killed Chloe… Think of how often that bitch almost got me killed… It’s like you’re doing both of us an awesome favor!” – “Chloe can never appreciate you the way I will… Maxine. And yes, I insist on calling you Maxine… forever.”
— Max and Jefferson during Max’s Nightmare in “Polarized”

18. “Please understand, Max… The only place I can be “myselfie” is in the Dark Room.”
— Jefferson during Max’s Nightmare in “Polarized”

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