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Starring a young Adam Sandler, Happy Gilmore is a cult classic that has made audiences laugh for over 20 years. Relive the movie’s hilarious moments through these Happy Gilmore Quotes . What’s your favorite scene from Happy Gilmore?
Happy Gilmore centers around a luckless hockey player. He shifts his attention towards golf instead of hockey to earn enough money to save his Grandma’s house from being repossessed by the government.

The film’s ensemble cast includes Christopher McDonald as a top professional golfer and Carl Weathers as Happy’s mentor. Along with being a commercial success, Happy Gilmore has had a large cultural impact that influences many today. Dive back into the story of Happy Gilmore through the funny quotes below.

Happy Gilmore quotes from Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

Happy Gilmore quotes from Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

1. “Hey, why don’t I just go eat some hay, make things out of clay, lay by the bay? I just may! What’d ya say?” – Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

2. “You little son of a bitch ball! Why don’t you just go home? That’s your home! Are you too good for your home? Answer me! Suck my white ass, ball!” – Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

3. “I didn’t break it, I was merely testing its durability, and I placed it in the woods cause it’s made of wood and I thought he should be with his family.” – Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

4. “But she’s an old lady. I mean, look at her. She’s old. You can’t just take her stuff. She’s too old.” – Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

5. “During high school, I played junior hockey and still hold two league records: most time spent in the penalty box; and I was the only guy to ever take off his skate and try to stab somebody.” – Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

6. “You’re gonna die, clown!” – Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

7. “Did that go in? I wasn’t watching, did it go in? I didn’t see it, could you tell me if it went in?” – Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

8. “Friends listen to “Endless Love” in the dark.” – Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

9. “I’d love to punch that guy in the face right now. But I can’t, you know, because I’d get in trouble. I bet you get a lot of that on “Let’s Make A Deal.” – Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

10. “The price is wrong, bitch.” – Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

More quotes by Happy Gilmore

More quotes by Happy Gilmore

1. “I’m stupid. You’re smart. I was wrong. You were right. You’re the best. I’m the worst. You’re very good-looking. I’m not attractive.” – Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

2. “I am good. You know what, you’re a lousy kindergarten teacher. I’ve seen those finger-paintings you bring home and they suck.” – Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

3. “That’s my puck, baby, don’t you ever touch my puck.” – Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

4. “Yeah, it is about time! I mean I just couldn’t get the ball in the hole! I wanted to but I just couldn’t do it!” – Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

5. “Just tap it in. Just tap it in. Give it a little tappy. Tap tap taparoo.” – Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

6. “Whoa, must be Burt Reynolds or somethin’.” – Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

7. “I got into this tournament for one reason: money. And now I have a new reason: kicking your ass!” – Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

More quotes by Happy Gilmore

8. “Green jacket, gold jacket who gives a crap?” – Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

9. “If I saw myself in clothes like that, I’d have to kick my own ass.” – Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

10. “Yeah, well we won’t have to worry about eating anymore, Grandma. See, they gave me this card: free Subway for life.” – Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler)

Happy Gilmore quotes from Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald)

Happy Gilmore quotes from Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald)

1. “You’re in big trouble though, pal. I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast!” – Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald)

2. “You lay another finger on me, I burn the house down and piss on the ashes.” – Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald)

3. “Damn you people. This is golf. Not a rock concert.” – Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald)

4. “I tell you, the real winner today is the city of Portland. Every time I come here it gets hard to leave. I bet you put something to the water.” – Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald)

5. “Oh, you can count. Good for you.” – Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald)

6. “Damn you people. Go back to your shanties.” – Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald)

7. “You know what else could draw a crowd? A golfer with an arm growing out of his ass.” – Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald)

8. “It’s great, the other day one of his fans mooned me. He had Happy written on his ass. HA on the one cheek, and sure enough PPY on the other.” – Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald)

9. “Yeah, right. And Grizzly Adams had a beard.” – Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald)

10. “Spoken like a true asshole.”  Chubbs (Carl Weathers)

Happy Gilmore quotes from Chubbs (Carl Weathers)

Happy Gilmore quotes from Chubbs (Carl Weathers)

1. “It’s all in the hips. It’s all in the hips. It’s all in the hips. It’s all in the hips.” – Chubbs (Carl Weathers)

2. “What are you doing Happy? Riding a bull? You’re acting like a damn fool!” – Chubbs (Carl Weathers)

3. “Golf’s no different from Hockey. It requires talent and self-discipline.” – Chubbs (Carl Weathers)

4. “You were great out there today. But not that great. A lot of that was luck.” – Chubbs (Carl Weathers)

5. “Damn alligator bit my hand off!” – Chubbs (Carl Weathers)

Happy Gilmore quotes from Chubbs (Carl Weathers)

6. “Who the hell is Happy Gilmore?” – Announcer (Verne Lundquist)

7. “I thought we were going to be just friends?” – Virginia Venit (Julie Bowen)

8. “What’s this I hear about you breaking a rake and throwing it in the woods?” – Virginia Venit (Julie Bowen)

9. “You can trouble me for a warm glass of shut-the-hell-up! Now, you will go to sleep! Or I will put you to sleep. Check out the name tag. You’re in my world now, grandma!” – Hal L. (Ben Stiller)

10. “Now your back’s gonna hurt because you just pulled landscaping duty.” – Hal L. (Ben Stiller)

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